Dream Meaning of Electricity

To see electricity in the dream indicates that you have the courage to do new things or to try to follow your dreams. Alternatively, the dream may symbolize experiencing negative situations. There will be big changes in your life and you won’t be able to stop these changes. You will be discontented because of these unexpected developments.

On the contrary, as to some dream interpreters, the dream meaning of electricity is totally positive. They say that dreaming of electricity signifies profit at business, a comfortable life, and high living standards. Every difficulty in your life will get easier day by day.

The dream meaning of being turned off the electricity

To dream that there is no electricity around or electricity has been turned off suggests that you will have to cancel or postpone your plans which you have been working on for a long time. Alternatively, it may indicate that you will get behind in completing your projects because of some difficulties. When you overcome these difficulties, you will work hard to catch up on your schedule.

Electric shock in your dream

The dream interpretation of electric shock usually represents negativities or bad luck. You will do bad things in some areas of your life and because of your mistakes or bad habits, you will get into trouble. Getting into trouble may force you to move to another city or neighborhood. You may have to hide from someone or something for a while. You will have to cancel your plans or projects although you work very hard on them. In addition to seeing that you have got an electric shock in your dream may imply accidents, unhappiness or illness.

Electricity cables

The dream interpretation of electricity cables represents that you will fall in love with someone. You feel very excited when you think or see her/him. Alternatively, electricity cables indicate that you suspect something or someone around you. You want to be sure about them. The dream may symbolize people whom you don’t like or who don’t like you.

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