Dream Meaning of Dagger

The dream interpretation of a dagger indicates your self-confidence about overcoming all problems, being a decisive person, working hard and paying all debts. If you see that you are taking a dagger from someone’s hand in your dream, that indicates that you will deal with misfortune and troubles. It may be a warning about an evil-minded person around you.

To dream of a dagger may symbolize your feelings. Maybe someone disappointed you and you think you have been stabbed in the back.

Stabbing a dagger in the dream

The dream interpretation of stabbing a dagger usually have negative meanings. If you have stabbed the dagger yourself, the dream indicates that you will take a wrong step or make a wrong decision and as a result, you will be humiliated by the people around you. To see that you have been stabbed the dagger to another person in your dream illustrates that you always have positive thoughts and your optimism will bring you happiness and peace.

The dream meaning of golden dagger

Golden dagger in the dream implies may be a sign of experiencing some events which lead to boredom, uneasiness and despondency. You will feel uncomfortable and anxious, want to stay alone for a time and you won’t want to talk to anyone including your family members.

Silver dagger in your dream

The dream interpretation of silver dagger signifies that you will encounter goodness, you will recover if you have been ill and you will have good times. Everything will begin to go well and your life will be easier than in the past days.

Dream with a machete

The dream meaning of a machete suggests that although you have been working on something for a long time and you want to be successful at that work you will fail and the situation will become worse. As you try again, it will become more complicated.

Alternatively, a machete in the dream is a sign of your ability to show your anger in a productive way. If you are cutting brushes with a machete in your dream, then it represents that you are good at handling problems.

Dream of a sword

Sword in the dream symbolizes your success at work. You are too fussy while working and this is known by everyone at the workplace. So, you are unrivaled in your business life. In addition, to see a sword in your hand signifies your ambition, decisiveness and strength. You are seeking prestige and want to have authority at the workplace.

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