Dream Meaning of Copper

The dream meaning of copper symbolizes the power of healing. Copper represents the power that you have to overcome problems. These problems may be related to health problems, financial problems or any difficulty in your life. You always believe in yourself, struggle to anything that you face and you live in hope. You never give up, which makes you stronger and more decisive.

Alternatively, copper in your dream represents that you will get a big amount of money or possessions. If you are a rich person, it shows that you will have more. If you are short of money, then the dream denotes that you will have a comfortable life from now on.

The dream of copper may symbolize someone around you who is jealous of you. One of your colleagues, friends or enemies may harm you. The dream may be a sign of potential danger.

The dream interpretation of copper wire

To see copper wire in your dream suggests your good luck. You are very lucky in the last days. You may win a large amount of money in the lottery. Alternatively, copper wire represents that you will get good news. If you are waiting for something for a long time, the dream denotes that that thing will occur.

To dream of coppers

If you see that you have coppers in your wallet in your dream, it represents that you need to be careful at the workplace or in society. People around you may harm you. Even your close friends may show open hostility towards you. To dream of coppers also signifies rumors. You should pay attention to what you say and whom you talk to. People whom you trust may gossip.  

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