Dream Meaning of Coral

The dream meaning of coral suggests that you will achieve your goals in the business of social life. The dream symbolizes success and reward. It represents that are managing a project and you will complete your work in the following days. You may be rewarded for your work. Coral in your dream also reflects purification. You are trying to clear your mind and get rid of the unnecessary things in your life. The dream of coral may denote that you are paying attention to the happiness of people around you and want to protect them from anything.  The dream may indicate that you will go for a holiday with your family or close friends in a short time.

Corals live in the depths of the sea and they are found in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So a coral in your dream may be a metaphor for power, beauty, and prosperity. Living in the sea also illustrates being protected by nature. From this point of view, to see a coral in your dream suggests that you feel safe and secure.

A colored colar in your dream

Corals have many different colors in real life. Different colors in your dream may represent different meanings. For instance, to see a white colar is usually interpreted as your social circle which is widening day by day. You all have the same interests and you are spending good time together. Alternatively, white colar may be a sign of betrayal.

To dream of black corals indicates that you are trying to control everything and as a result, you feel fatigued. You need to learn to trust others. Sometimes you need to just wait instead of lead.

Pink coral in your dream often points to happiness and inner peace. You have a high reputation and people around you help you when you need it.

Red-colored colar in your dream may symbolize weakening relationships. 

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