Dream Meaning of a Convent

The dream meaning of a convent indicates that you are seeking spiritual support nowadays. Maybe you feel guilty because of your mistakes. The dream may denote that you feel money and other possessions like a car, a house won’t satisfy your soul anymore. They don’t contribute to your inner peace and as a result, you are trying to find the real richness.

The dream of convent may symbolize your desire to stay alone. You may decide to isolate yourself and go far away from all your friends or family to judge yourself. So the dream may be a sign of a different vacation for you.

Alternatively, dreaming of a convent suggests that you feel restricted. You think you can not express your feelings although you really want to.

Going to a convent in your dream

To see that you are going into a convent in your dream represents that you are ready to sacrifice your wishes, your goals and your desires to gain God’s sake. According to another interpretation, the dream may indicate that you think praying is the last resort to cope with a big problem that you have faced. You have done everything you can but you couldn’t overcome that problem. There is nothing except for praying and asking for help from God. Going into a convert symbolizes your desperation and hope.  

Wandering around in a convent

To dream that you are wandering around in a convert refers to your moral values. You pay attention to religious commands in every field of life. The dream is also a sign of good luck. The person who sees that he / she is walking in a convert may be promoted at the workplace or earn money unexpectedly in the following days.

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