Dream Interpretation of Convention

The dream interpretation of convention usually represents communication. If you see that you are in a convention, then the dream suggests that you need for communication. You want to contact someone to achieve something or to get information. The dream may also indicate that you will get the news which you have been waiting for for a long time.

The dream meaning of a convention also illustrates that you have different viewpoints. You can bring various aspects together while you are making decisions and this provides you with the right steps. Moreover, a convention in your dream may symbolize some clues for you. If you have faced a problem and don’t know how to cope with it, then the dream tells you to follow the clues.

Going to a convention in a dream

To see that you are going to a convention in your dream suggests that you are preparing for a project or a situation. This project is very important for you and you have to make many different decisions to reach your goals. Keep in mind that your choices are also significant for the people around you. They will affect others so you should be careful.

Speaking in a convention in a dream

The dream meaning of speaking in a convention indicates that you will contact many people in the following days to explain an important decision. It may be related to your business or family. For example, you may inform your friends about your moving to another city. You may inform your colleagues or your directors at the workplace about a situation. Speaking in a convention may symbolize a piece of information that will be made public in a short time.

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