Dream Meaning of Contempt

The dream interpretation of contempt usually reflects your real feelings for someone or something. If you see that you have contempt for a friend in your dream, then it means that you have no respect for him or her in real life. If you don’t know who you show contempt for, the dream suggests that you have complete contempt for everyone. It illustrates that you hate people around you and you don’t want to do anything for them. So, according to this interpretation showing contempt is a part of your personality. Speaking contemptuously of someone has a similar interpretation to the meaning of contempt.  

Alternatively, to show contempt for someone in your dream indicates that you will make a mistake at the workplace or in your social life. Your mistake will bring about sadness and regret. The dream may suggest that you will lose reputation because of your wrong step and will be insulted by your family and friends.

Moreover, the dream of contempt may denote that you are changing. However, this change is from good to evil. Nowadays, you don’t care about the others while taking steps and don’t sympathize with others when they have in trouble as you did in the past days. You don’t pay attention to what you are saying and you break other people’s hearts with your sayings. So, the dream of contempt may be a warning for you to control yourself and be a kind person as you were.   

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