Dream Meaning of Conjurer

The dream meaning of conjurer indicates that you will make a decision without talking to anyone about it. It will be your own decision and after you take a step, other people will learn about it. It will be a turning point for you.

According to some interpretations, the dream of conjurer symbolizes bad events or negative feelings. These interpretations tell that you will make a wrong decision and you will feel disappointed because of your wrong step. Alternatively, the dream may suggest that you are trying to achieve something by lying. Sometimes you pretend that you are very sad or you are crying to get what you want.

To perform as a conjurer in a dream

To see that you are performing as a conjurer in your dream represents that you can affect people’s minds by your words and behaviors. They trust you when you say something and you can lead them. Besides, the dream may be a sign of pleasure, good luck, and peace. You will feel very happy and excited in the following days and you will have good luck while stepping in your business life.

The dream meaning of a magician

To dream of a magician illustrates that you will decide to change your viewpoint and you will interpret situations from another perspective. You want to think differently and you believe that you can improve yourself by the help of a new point of view. So the dream reflects variation.

Dreaming of magic  

The dream interpretation of magic may symbolize bad luck. There may be some people who are jealous of you. They may try to stop you in your business life. If you won’t be aware of them, they can harm you. The dream interpreted as a warning for you. To see that you are doing magic in your dream also denotes bad luck. You may face some difficulties. 

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