Dream Meaning of Conscience

The dream meaning of conscience differs from person to person. The context and how you feel affects the interpretation of conscience. If you see that you have a guilty conscience in your dream, then the dream suggests that something is bothering you in real life. For instance, you have made a decision and it has affected other people but you feel that your decision is the wrong one nowadays. So your conscience has been bothering you.

If you see that you have a clear conscience in your dream, the dream interpretation may symbolize your inner peace. The dream indicates that you take into consideration everything while taking a step and you let your conscience be your guide in real life.  

The dream of a guilty conscience

Guilty conscience in your dream has a similar interpretation to its literal meaning. It may be something that you have made. To lie to a friend, to family, to a spouse may be one of the reasons for your guilty conscience. To cheat your spouse may be another reason. Maybe you think that you spend so little time with your family and you feel guilty for that reason.

Easing your conscience in your dream

To see that you have eased your conscience by doing something in your dream represents that you are thinking about a way to do it in real life. It refers to your wish to have a clear conscience. 

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