Dream Meaning of Combing

Combing in a dream symbolizes good manners. You are known as a kindhearted, moderate and loyal person. You want to help other people and support people whenever they need. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you have to organize your thoughts. You feel confused nowadays and you need to decide what is important and what is unnecessary to organize your thoughts.

To dream of combing also suggests your manner in your relationships. You take care of your family members and you give importance to all your friends and their thoughts. You don’t neglect anyone whether he or she is from your family or not.  To see that you have short hair represents that you need to decrease your expenses.

If you see that you are combing your hair while you are washing it in your dream, then the dream indicates that there are some problems is your life and you will leave all of them behind.    

Going bald

The dream interpretation of going bald usually symbolize bad luck. It signifies that you will face some difficulties in the workplace or in your social life. You may be cheated or taken in by a close friend.

Combing someone’s hair

The dream interpretation of combing another person’s hair is a sign of disappointment. You will experience an unwanted situation and feel very unhappy and disappointed. This bad situation will be experienced because of a friend whom you trust.

Cutting hair

To see that you are cutting your hair in your dream suggests you will meet bad-mannered and shady people. You will do business with these people and you will face many problems because of those people. 

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