Dream Meaning of Combat

The dream interpretation of combat is usually similar to the literal meaning. The dream signifies that you will have disagreements with some people around you and you will make different decisions from them. If these disagreements are between your spouse and you, then they will bring about divorce. If you disagree with your colleagues, you may quit your job or you may finish your partnership in your business. If you hit someone in your dream, it represents that you will beat your rivals.

Alternatively, to dream of combat refers to unexpected events. These events may cause some problems for you. You may feel sad or disappointed. Quarrel in your dream signifies that you will face some difficulties because of the people around you.

Beating someone in a dream

The dream meaning of beating someone may symbolize good things. For instance, to see that you are beating a friend in your dream indicates that you will help your friend in real life when he or she wants you to make a favor. If you do not know the person who you are beating in your dream, the dream has a similar interpretation, as well. However, it denotes that you haven’t met that person yet.   

Dream Interpretation of Taking out a sword

To dream that you are taking out a sword represents that you will be successful in your business life and you will be respected by everyone. Sword refers to glory, reputation, and fame.

The dream meaning of firing a gun

Gun in a dream refers to love. To dream that you are taking aim and firing your gun in your dream, then the dream denotes that you will fall in love and do everything to attract the person you love. You will do your best to make him or her happy if you are in a relationship.

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