Dream Meaning of Colors

To dream of colors has many different meanings. Colors in your dream may represent parts of a whole and the harmony of those parts. Befitting colors indicate the dreamer’s good manners. If the colors are not harmonious, then they symbolize your weaknesses.

The dream meaning of colors also changes according to the location and context. Colors point to your feelings, your energy or thoughts. For instance, bright colors imply your happiness and strengths. The pastel colors usually represent your weaknesses and uncertainty. Dark colors like black or dark blue signify your passion and strong feelings about someone or something.

White in dream

White points to innocence and purity according to most interpretations. Start-ups, new things, clarity and peace are also represented by white. The dream meaning may illustrate recovering, too. If you are ill or have some problems, then it denotes that you will leave all your problems behind.

The dream of black

Black in dream illustrates power, mystery, rejection or hate. It may symbolize unknown situations and unconscious behavior. Alternatively, dreaming of black refers to formality. You may occupy yourself with some official works. The dream may imply more positive feelings. It may point to your potential which you will discover in a short time.

The dream meaning of red

Red in dream may be a warning about a difficult situation that you will experience. If the color is bright, it suggests success or love. Energy, good vibes, power, passion, desire, and impulse are other feelings that red represents. Sometimes it shows that you are short of energy and you will feel yourself in danger because of your fatigue.

The dream of pink

Pink suggests that you are a romantic person and want to fall in love. It symbolizes being calm and patient in social life.

The dream with blue

Blue usually represents freedom, truth, harmony, peace, wisdom, and loyalty. The dream of blue suggests that you are optimistic about the future and you believe you will succeed in everything with the help of your wisdom. It may also signify your creativity. Navy blue may symbolize lack of self-confidence.


Green illustrates good health and positive changes in your life. Fertility, growth, peace and happiness are other symbols that green represents. It is also related to independence. Green is a metaphor for your independence like nature. Dark green in dream may indicate that you will face difficulties.


Yellow denotes both positive and negative symbols. Dishonesty, jealousy, betrayal, illness are negative symbols. On the contrary, it refers to intelligence, harmony and happiness. It is the sun’s color so it represents energy if you feel happy in your dream. 

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