Dream Meaning of Comedy

The dream meaning of comedy symbolizes the humorous side of serious situations. If you are watching a comedy in your dream, it represents that you will find amusing and funny details in a situation even though it seems very serious. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to relax in every field of your life.

To go to a comedy in your dream indicates that you are working really hard and you want a little break. The dream may illustrate that you will have some free time, you will go to a holiday and this break will help you relax.   

The dream interpretation of comedian

To dream of a comedian shows that you feel tired because of so many daily problems. You are already overburdened with lots of difficulties and you want to leave them behind. You need to learn to be happy and find the humorous parts of every situation.

Being a comedian in a dream

To see that you are a comedian in your dream implies a comfortable life. If you dream that you are a comedian and people are watching you, then it may symbolize your positive energy. People around you think that you give happiness and make them feel good. Alternatively, being a comedian in your dream suggests that you will get good news, you will do something by using this information and you will earn lots of money at the end. It may be a project at workplace.

According to some interpretations, being a comedian represents wealth. You won’t be short of money during your lifetime and live a comfortable life. You will marry someone whom you love very much. 

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