Dream Meaning of Comet

To see a comet in your dream refers to good things. Comets represent happiness and success. It is believed that the people who dream comets will live in wealth, be successful in their business life and have a good family. They won’t face serious health problems. They will go ahead where they want to or plan without facing any difficulties. It also signifies good luck. If you think that you are very unlucky, seeing a comet illustrates that your misfortune turns to good fortune.

Alternatively, the meaning of comets implies that you want to go far away from your work, your family or friends to relax. You think that you need a little break.

The dream meaning of a shooting star

The dream interpretation of a shooting star suggests that you will make a big decision and step forward. This decision will change all your life. Your problems will disappear and you will get rid of all your fears about yourself or your family. You won’t need to think about your expenses. Your decision may be related to your business and you may be promoted thanks to your right steps.

The dream interpretation of stars

To dream of stars symbolizes reputation. You are respected by people around you and your reputation will get higher. You may be promoted at work or you may start your own business. You won’t be short of money and have a wealthy life. If you see only one star in the sky in your dream, then the dream illustrates that your dreams will come true. To dream of a group of stars has a different meaning. It refers to your strong religious feelings.

To dream of countless stars in the sky usually represents having a good relationship. You will fall in love and you will marry her or him. 

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