Dream Meaning of Command

The dream meaning of command suggests that you will be successful at school or work. If you are working in a government office, you will be promoted and get a higher status. People in your social environment will respect you. Maybe you will be a well-known person.

Alternatively, a command in your dream represents that you have very strict rules in your personal life and you want people to obey these limitations every time. You usually force your friends, colleagues or family members to follow your rules whether they like them or not. People may leave you alone after a time if you don’t change yourself. So the dream may be a warning.

The dream interpretation of giving commands in your dream indicates that you are doing everything to be successful but sometimes your imperatives annoy other people. As a result, they don’t want to be near you. If you are married, then your spouse won’t tolerate your rude manners and strict commands anymore. You may have a quarrel because of your attitude. According to some interpretations giving commands may symbolize good things. The dream may suggest that you can express your feelings and ideas and this is your strength.  

The dream interpretation of obeying commands

To dream of obeying commands represents that there is someone in your way at workplace and he or she will block your promotion. It also may refer to your being ignored in your social of business life. You need to try to come forward and convince people to respect you by expressing yourself in a true way. Alternatively, the dream means that you will ask for help from someone who is younger than you. 

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