Dream Meaning of Companions

The dream meaning of companions usually symbolizes good luck. The dream points to being promoted at work or having a more comfortable life. The quality of your life will enhance and you will obtain what you want to have. If the person in your dream is a kind-hearted and honest friend, your dream suggests great wealth. On the contrary, if you dream of a dishonest person as your companion, then it represents that you need to learn to control yourself, especially your hate.

To see that you are quarrelling with your companion in your dream indicates that you will experience bad situations and you will feel sad. Maybe you will blame yourself for bad results. According to many dream interpretations, death of your companion in your dream implies his or her long life.

If you dream that you and your companion are happy, it points to happiness in real life, too. If you and your companion are unhappy, then it symbolizes your worries and unhappiness.

Talking to your companion in your dream

 To dream of talking to a companion means good news about your business or social life. It may be a sign of pleasure, love or affection. If your companion is your husband or wife in the dream, this symbolizes your faith. To see that you are talking to him or her without stopping indicates that you need to make a decision but it won’t be easy for you. You will want to get your companion’s advice.

Going to somewhere with your companion  

To see that you and your companion are going to somewhere in your dream illustrates that there is someone who feels sad around you and you are trying to understand why. This person may be a close friend or a person from your family. You want to learn why he or she is unhappy but you can’t. 

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