Dream Meaning of Commandments

The dream meaning of commandments usually symbolizes your character. When people who are pessimistic and believe that everything will get worse see commandments in their dream, this is a sign of their desperation. The dream is a reflection of their hopelessness. However, many interpretations about dreaming with commandments tell the opposite of this meaning. For instance, commandments in your dream may suggest that you will be rewarded at work if you make the right decisions. Your promotion also depends on your discipline. So, obeying and following rules and working hard will bring about success and reputation.

The interpretation of commandments isn’t limited by business life. The dream may represent your social life. If you pay attention to the social rules and try to be an inseparable part of the community, you will be respected by the people around you.

Alternatively, commandments in your dream indicates that your thoughts and feelings. You have many limitations and your own rules, and you are waiting for other people’s obeisance. Your friends and your family are aware of those rules. They are close to you when they pay attention to your limitations.      

The dream may be interpreted as your unwillingness to follow standard solutions and general rules of society. It tells that you don’t want to do what the rules say anymore but you don’t know what will happen if you break them. So you feel yourself in a dilemma. You need to decide whom you want to be and how you will behave.

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