Dream Meaning of Commerce

The dream meaning of commerce suggests that you are respected people around you. You are known as a very honest and kind-hearted person. This good reputation will help you while making new steps. If you faced some difficulties in your business or private life, your reputation would solve all your problems.

Alternatively, commerce in your dream represents that there is a problem which you have been trying to leave behind for a long time and you will eliminate is in a short time.

The dream interpretation of trading

To see that you are trading in your dream illustrates that you are working very hard to be successful. It will work and you will succeed in business. People will know you thanks to your good work. The dream may symbolize money and wealth, too. You may earn lots of money in your business life.

To be a trader in your dream

To dream that you are a trader has a similar meaning to trading. The dream usually signifies good things. Alternatively, it may represent difficulties. If you work in a family-controlled company and you start to run the company, you need to change something to increase your profit. The dream of being a trader indicates that following your father’s or grandfather’s principles and rules may cause failure while competing with other firms in the market.

If you are buying and selling wood in your dream, it refers to profit. If you have a company, your profit will increase. Trading cotton, velvet or silk also symbolize profit and money. Trading iron usually illustrates loss and misfortune. The dream is a warning for you. 

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