Dream Meaning of Completion

The dream meaning of completion has different interpretations according to the context. The dream usually symbolizes that your desire to finish something in a short time. For instance, if you are studying on a project, you are trying to complete the project soon and for this reason, you are working hard. If you are a student at school, you want to graduate.

To complete sewing your outfit

To see that you are sewing your outfit by hand in your dream indicates that you are ready to marry. If you have a relationship with someone, then you will decide to marry him or her soon. If you don’t have a relationship, the dream represents that you will meet someone and fall in love. You will feel that person is the right person for you and you will make a decision on marriage in a short time.   

Completing a journey in your dream

The dream interpretation of completing a journey indicates that you will finish the tasks which you are responsible for. These tasks may be related to work or family. For instance, if you are responsible for a project at the workplace, you will complete that project in the following days.

To dream of completing a piece of work

The dream meaning of completing a piece of work refers to official tasks. To see that you are completing your work in your dream implies that you need to prepare some official documents in your business and send them to the relevant places.

Alternatively, the dream may be a sign of success. To dream that you succeed in completing hard tasks signifies you can deal with every difficulty and go ahead. 

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