Dream Meaning of Complexion

The dream meaning of complexion represents that you are so good looking that everyone admires your appearance. Complexion in your dream also refers to your health. You don’t have any bad habits. For instance, you avoid consuming harmful foods and pay attention to your fitness. The dream may symbolize your plan to go to a sports center and take regular exercise.  

Alternatively, the dream interpretation of complexion implies that you are happy in general and want other people to be optimistic and happy, too. So, you like doing favors and you help everyone when they need some help.

Having different skin color in your dream

To see that you have a different skin color in your dream may suggest that you don’t like your appearance and want to be different. If you have dark skin, it suggests that you want to have bright skin and vice versa. Sometimes, different skin colors may symbolize your characteristics. To dream of dark skin may point to your dark side. To see a bright and shiny skin suggests your good manners and fairness.

The complexion of other people

The dream meaning of the complexion of other people refers to your beliefs about them. Complexion reflects what you think about their personalities and characteristics. To see that one of your friends with a different complexion indicates that you believe he or she is different from how people think. So, the dream implies your judgment.

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