Dream Meaning of Confectionery

The dream meaning of confectionery symbolizes pleasure and comfortable living standards. It may represent that you will overcome an illness that you have been suffering for a long time. So, good times are waiting for you. The dream may also suggest your success in the workplace.  You may be promoted or your income may increase. As a result, you can obtain what you want and you can spend your money as you wish.  

Buying confectionary in your dream

To see that you are purchasing confectionary in your dream suggests that you will take big steps in business and these steps will provide profit and reputation. You may set a partnership with some of your colleagues whom you trust or you may start to run your own firm. If you are working in a big institution, buying confectionery in your dream indicates that you will reach a higher status. Maybe you will be a manager for a department as you want. Alternatively, the dream denotes that you like helping people and you will try to do favors. These favors may be based on money.

Dream of eating confectionery   

The dream interpretation of eating confectionery suggests that all your problems in business or family life will go away in the following days. Eating sweet things is a metaphor for wiping off the pain. Alternatively, eating confectionery may signify your diligence. You are a hardworking worker and everyone including your manager respects you.  

To produce confectionery

To dream that you are producing confectionery illustrates that you will overcome many difficulties on your own. These difficulties will make you stronger and teach you to struggle until you win. So the dream symbolizes good things. 

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