Dream Meaning of Carrots

To dream about carrots suggests fortune and chance of marriage. If you saw a carrot in your dream it means that you will be lucky about your love life throughout your life. You will get in return for your struggle for life soon and you will live high on the hog.

Dream meaning of eating a carrot:

Dream meaning of eating a carrot is the dreamer is a generous and trustworthy person. If you were eating a carrot in your dream it predicts that you are not a penny pincher and you prefer to share your earnings with the people you love. You are nonpossessive, good-humored and fair. Eating a carrot in your dream also represents that you may find the love of your life and your soul mate in the prime of your life.

Dream interpretation of rotten carrots:

If you saw a rotten carrot in your dream it predicts that your efforts to go down the drain and you may lose a serious amount of money that you invested for a job. Especially if this money was invested for using in foreign currency by you and if you took some advice from someone to do it, it will be concluded with an argument that you will have with this person.

Eating a rotten carrot in the dream indicates that you will have bad luck and you may be cheated by someone you trust. You may find yourself in a situation that you have to defend yourself.

Preparing a meal with carrots:

If you prepared a meal with carrots in your dream it means that you shouldn’t overestimate some issues because it will not be concluded to your dismay. You will have the fruits of your labor and patience.

If you chopped the carrots in your dream, it represents that you will try to find a partner for new initiatives. This searching period will be much easier with your concentration and patience. You will find this partner at the most suitable time for you and you will break grounds in business life together.

Seeing someone who eats a carrot:

Seeing someone eating a carrot means that you will stop complaining about the things that bother you in your life. You will learn to live with these small roughnesses and you will be proud of with the success of the people you love.

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