Dream Meaning of Tobacco

Contrary to what is believed, seeing tobacco in the dream is a good sign. It suggests luck and good news. Also, if you are a smoker, it might be a warning for you to stop smoking.

Dream meaning of rolling tobacco:

To dream about rolling tobacco means that you do not have an inability for doing what you want but you just need more courage. You may be suffering from lack of confidence but you have to trust yourself. If you are thinking that you have enough knowledge to do these things, you should be negligent about comments coming from the other people.

Dream meaning of buying tobacco:

If you bought tobacco from a supermarket or someplace like this, it predicts that you may reconsider about some happenings in past. You may realize a fault of yours that you did not understand before or you may make new senses about some conversations you had. Also, you may remember some important things even if you did not pay attention before.

Dream interpretation of tobacco plant:

Seeing a tobacco plant in the dream indicates that you may still have a bearing upon some tough breaks. They may still affect you negatively and hit the hardest. Naturally, it is so hard to live through these unfortunate things and turn over a new leaf but as you know, life goes on. You have to let yourself take a deep breath and wipe the slate clean.

Dream meaning of smoking tobacco (plant):

Smoking tobacco in the dream predicts that you may have to face with a challenge soon. There may be something which will test your patience or be tiring for you. It can be a test or chance to see your limits for you. If you experience something like this in near future, you have to coldblooded and take your decisions carefully. In case you succeed about keeping your temper there is nothing to be afraid of.


If someone smoked tobacco in your dream it means that you may have an argument with a person who is so close to you. If there are some things that bother you about this person, these things may no longer be intolerable for you. You may generate a discussion about them. In this discussion you have to watch your tone and choose your words carefully to not hurt the person you discuss. If you talk gently the discussion will be helpful for both of you.

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