Dream Meaning of Tomatoes

Seeing tomatoes in the dream signs the good and glad news. If you saw tomatoes in your dream you may hear a word from a person you miss a lot or have information about something you wonder for a long time.

Dream meaning of eating tomatoes:

Seeing yourself eating tomatoes in your dream predicts that there may be some gossips and bad words from people around you. These people may be colleagues or close friends. You have to be more careful about trusting every people around you and you have to be more suspicious about their intentions. Even if they are nice to you and look like they love you so much, their real thoughts about you may be different. You should trust your observations and instincts about them. In the long run, they will show their true colors.

Dream meaning of throwing tomatoes:

To dream about throwing tomatoes indicates that you may come up against some big troubles. It may be some unhappiness or dissatisfaction about your business life or lack of money. In these cases, you have to hold helping hands extending from your friends and family. There is no point in insisting on putting your own house in order. In some situations, every person needs a helping hand and it does not weaken you and make you look like weak. Also, there is no shame in being in need of help sometimes. Our friends and family are standing just behind us to support us when we need them.

Dream interpretation of sliced tomatoes:

Seeing sliced tomatoes in the dream represents that some changes are just around the corner. If you are bored because of the sameness and monotony in your life it is the time for you to change everything. Some beliefs and habits that you are tightly coupled with, are not irreplaceable actually. These things are preventing you to do what you want like bonds. When you set yourself free, you will see that changing some things about your life is not as difficult as you think. To see sliced tomatoes in the dream tell you to find to power inside you and end everything bothers you about your life. It will be so easy to get used to these new factors. You just need some courage and wake up to yourself. The rest of the flow of your life find a way easily and quickly.

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