Dream Meaning of Cards

Seeing a card in the dream is explained with a lot of different predictions changing according to the card you saw. But generally, seeing a new and bright card implies a good sign for your life. On the contrary, an old and a tear card says that there is something bad for you.

Dream meaning of playing with cards

Seeing yourself as playing with cards in your dream indicates that you will make a change in your life. If the card you picked were decent and discoverable, it means that the changes will be positive and good for you. If not so, you may be demoralized by somebody or something.

Losing a card in the dream:

If you lost a card in your dream in predicts that the things will happen contrary to your expectation. And this situation may affect you. You may lose your motivation, be off and lose heart. If it happens, you have to keep your motivation at a high level. If you let yourself to feel dispirited, you can’t find power for getting a hold of yourself. You have to remind yourself that it is a temporary state.

Dream interpretation of a business / personal card:

To dream about a business or personal card it implies that you will get a huge reputation with a door opened for you by a person who is famous, well connected, powerful and successful. You may not know this person yet but at the earliest time, you will meet.

Dream about a golden card

Seeing a golden card in the dream means that you may gain ground. If it was a bank card, it may also be a sign of earning more money. If it was a credit card, the meaning implies the quite opposite. Seeing a credit card in the dream indicates that you will land yourself in poverty by spending a lot of money. You may become wholly absorbed in shopping mania instead of pull in your horns.

Dream meaning of invitation card

If you saw an invitation card in your dream it means that a relative of yours may get married or engaged. An invitation card suggests a celebration. You may join a wedding or engagement party includes a lot of people you love. You may go somewhere far away for joining these organizations and you may have a chance to see everyone that you missed for a long time.

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