Dream Meaning of Car Crash

To dream about a car crash tells you that you have complicated feelings. If you saw a car crash in your dream you may face some pessimistic and hopeless days. You may get into a period and in this period you may be oversensitive, take offense on everything and be over fragile. It is also possible for you to realize that you are at a turning point in your life.

Making a car accident

Dream meaning of making a car accident predicts two different explanations. First, you may have a big, radical and an important change in your life. Second, you may have some tough but temporal days in the near future. In both possibilities, you have to be ready for some changes for not being over affected.

Dream interpretation of walking away from a car crash

If you made a car crash but you survived in your dream, it means that you have to absent yourself from evil-disposed people who have the bad eye. If you arrange your distance with these people right, you can get rid of them without getting hurt.

Seeing a person who makes a car crash in a dream

Seeing a person who made a car crash in your dream indicates that your fears, anxieties, and illusions will come to light again and make you worrisome. You may have a bee in your bonnet about everything and brood on some thoughts. You may feel that you paint yourself into a corner but it’s so important for you to remind yourself that it is only your illusion. If you want and take action you can wriggle yourself out of this situation.

Dream meaning of death in a car crash

Dream interpretation of dying in a car crash predicts that you will have a long life. Quite the contrary of the dream, you will live in peace, health, and happiness.

If someone rescued you from the crash in your dream, it means that there is a person in your life as a guardian angel. In the times in which you get in trouble or need a helping hand, this person stands right behind you. You may hurt this person without knowing, for your own sake you have to try to understand the reason for him or her to be offended. If they are alive, this person who looks after you may be your father or your mother.


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