Dream Meaning of Captive

To dream about a captive is not a positive sign. If you dreamed about a captive it means that you may fall into a depression in near future. Because seeing a captive in the dream symbolizes the feeling like being stuck, exasperation, tiredness, lack of self-confidence, unwillingness, and weaknesses. You may have your hands tied because of a mistake that you didn’t. Or you may feel obliged to be grateful to someone because of a help that you took from him/her even if you don’t like and want. Also, you may be obliged to collaborate with your enemies. You may find yourself in a distressed period which is not ill-suited for doing big moves in business life. There may be some arguments in your partnerships and you may pay sizeable amounts of money to some partners of you.

If you saw a captive in your dream it means that you will feel stuck in a psychologic way and because of this feeling you will keep everyone at a distance and behave uncompanionably. You may turn in upon yourself for a while.

Being in captivity in your dream

If somebody kept you as a prisoner in your dream it predicts that you will come out a loser from some investments which you are not sure to do. If you are single, you may meet with someone who will take advantage of you materially. The relationship which may happen between you and this person may turn upside down your life.

Being in captivity in a dream represents that all hanky panky stuff may be seized by your wife or husband. The unity of family may take a deep shock because of a mistake. Also, in business life; you have to keep all your expenses minimum for a while, just in case.

Capture someone in your dream

If you captured someone in your dream, it implies that there may be someone who is under pressure because of you. You have to look over the people around you and the behaviors of you. Also, it can represent that you may meet somebody who is impure. You have to be careful the people you will become acquainted with in this period. To see yourself as a captor predicts that you are not wearing well these times. If you don’t pull your socks up there is a possibility for you to lose everyone around you.

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