Dream Meaning of Candlestick

To dream about candlestick means that the dreamer will meet family life finally. Also seeing a candlestick in the dream predicts that the dreamer will take responsibilities, become a family man and find an opportunity to start over. If you saw a candlestick in your dream you have to be ready for a new beginning. You may meet with new chances or some changes. You may have an orderly life with full of your family. You may want to spend all your spare time as holidays, weekends with your family and your children. If you dreamed about a candlestick it’s not too far to have a family that you have always wanted!

To buy a candlestick

If you bought a candlestick in your dream, it implies that you will take a whole new step with the person you love. You may marry this person and by doing this you may achieve your biggest dream. The dream of a candlestick suggests the “one” in your life. You will find the one for you and from this time you will do everything in your life with your soulmate. You will not be alone anymore.

If the candlestick you saw were silver, it means that you will have all the conditions needed for finding peace in your family. When you find these conditions, you and your family will find the power to overcome all the problems you have and make peace. The dream about a silver candlestick represents the family bliss.

To dream of a golden candlestick represents richness. If you saw a golden candlestick in your dream it indicates that you may get rid of the problems about your financial life. If you take the right steps for your career, it will be so easy for you to solve all your problems with money.

Dream meaning of candle with a candlestick

If there were a candle on the candlestick in your dream it predicts that you have a wish for a very long time. You are praying for make it to come true. Dream interpretation of candle with candlestick is fulfilled dreams. Your wishes may come true at the earliest time.

If the candle had a light in your dream it means that you don’t have to wait too much for your wish to come true. On the contrary, if the candle were out, you have to show a little bit more patience.

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