Dream Meaning of Camera

To dream of a camera indicates that the dreamer will preoccupy about some personal matters. If you saw a camera in your dream it means you may be obliged to take some steps or make some decisions about personal issues about yourself. Also, to dream of a camera may symbolize some unfulfilled purposes or some feelings still alive even if you think that you forget them.

Seeing a camera in your dream suggest a need to focus on the “big picture.” You may miss the main parts of something while dealing with the small details. It also means that you have to widen your viewpoint and you have to pay attention to someone else’s thoughts.

Dream meaning of being recorded by a camera

If you were being recorded by a camera in your dream, it means you can’t get over some troubles you had yet. It means you are still anxious about the things made you worried and suspicious. There may be some problems you still can not forget and get over yet.

Dream interpretation of using a camera

If you were using a camera in your dream, it is a sign that you are thinking about some issues over and over again. You may be obsessed with these things. Even if you try to change your point of view you still go full circle. Because of these problems, you can not take a deep breath for a long while.

To buy a camera in your dream

If you bought a camera in your dream, it represents a good sign. It means you are still living with your memories from past and these memories are the best way to be happy for you. When you fail on evil days, you remember these memories to smile and thanks to them you can get over these days. These memories help you to clutch onto the life.

Dream meaning of seeing a cameraman

To dream about a cameraman indicates that you feel vulnerable and weak nowadays. You may think that you are swaying from side to side. But it also is a sign about future happy days.

If you saw a photo camera in your dream, it is not a good sign. It may represent unluckiness, direness, and fatality. It suggests that you may be cheated by someone you love and you may feel insecure for a while.

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  1. What does it mean when you want to take a scenic picture and you find that you forgot to put in film and are therefore very disappointed?

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