Dream Meaning of Canal

To dream about a canal generally means that you will give some thought of some decisions which can be turning points for you. With these decisions, you may turn over a new leaf in your life. The dream of a canal suggests that you may be out to organize some big and important projects but you do not have enough courage to take action. If you dreamed about a canal it predicts that you are chasing some profitable investments and you will choose the right way to succeed.

If you saw a clear canal filled with water, it suggests that you will live on the fat of the land soon. To dream about a clean canal implies that your financial difficulties will be over and you may have to get a chance to spend more time with higher quality. Also, you will spare more time for your family and your friends. You may transform your savings into profitable investments and thanks to this decision you will enjoy your life.

Dream interpretation of a dried out canal

If the canal you saw was dried out in your dream, it can represent poverty, diseases, and difficulties. To see yourself as standing in this canal, it predicts that something will ruffle your feathers in your daily and private life. It can also symbolize that you may get into debt if you act inconsiderately. You may be faced with some depressed and tiring days. The dream of this canal suggests you play it safe for a while.

Dream meaning of passing through a canal

To see yourself as passing through a canal implies that you will hear some unwelcome news about some people you love. It can also represent that your peace and happiness will fade away for a while and you may have hard times.

If you were just floating in a canal in your dream, it is a positive sign for you. It means that the news you will hear will be pleasing.

Dream meaning of drinking water from a canal

If you were drinking water from a canal in your dream, it predicts that you will be fair about everything in your life. You will take a stand against injustice and help people who need your support and advice. It also means every penny you earn will be deserved by you. Drinking water from a canal symbolizes that you are on the right road.

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