Dream Meaning of Campaign

To see a campaign in your dream means that you will break the habit and change some of your plans. You may make exact decisions to improve yourself and start to search for new methods to open new doors in your life.

Dream meaning of an unplanned campaign indicates that you may be demoralized because of some problems and you may be stressed because of the intensive tempo in your business life. All of these trials and tribulations may affect your daily life and routines. Also, seeing an uncertain campaign in a dream can symbolize a distress or an obstacle in your relationship.

Dream meaning of attending a campaign

If you were just attending to a campaign organized by someone else in your dream, it means that you may act against the decisions which had decided by your parents or family and because of your contradiction you may have an argument with them. If you were just an active campaigner in your dream, you may end up being wrong although you were right unless you take your steps carefully and wisely. If you let yourself to be overwhelmed by your ambition, your circumstance will end up hurting someone you love. Dream interpretation of being a campaigner means that you have to derive lessons from your mistakes.

Dream interpretation of organizing a campaign

If you were a direct participant or the organizer of the campaign in your dream, it means that you are thinking that you have all the rights and the financial possibility for doing and getting anything you want.

If this campaign you held was for charity, probably a person you love will ask you for your help because of his or her tribulations. It will be hard for you to say no and in the long run, this person may help you to carry your point and get something you want in your career.

To see a political or socio-political campaign means that you will make original plans for the projects in your business life. These projects may help you to advance in your career and get a promotion.

If you held a military campaign in your dream, it indicates that some changes in your life will be permanent. You may be bored of something in your life like your business or the city you live in etc. If you are thinking about changing some essential thing about your life, these alterations can be the right thing for you to do.


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