Dream Meaning of Cash

Seeing money in the dream is often interpreted as negative, and some commentators suggest that a bad word will be heard. Sometimes the dream is interpreted as having harmful people around him. According to some commentators, this dream is a pain that will happen.

Seeing cash in the dream is interpreted as sadness and scarcity. According to some dream commentators, it means also that the chance will be opened. Sometimes it is interpreted as having bad days with bad news.


Seeing coins in the dream is interpreted as the words spoken behind him who sees the dream. According to another interpretation, it means that all the desires of those who do something behind his back will be wasted.

It is interpreted that there will be small problems in front of the person who sees a coin in the dream. And it is a sign that this person will set these problems in time and reach material and nonmaterial profits.

Finding coins in the dream is interpreted as a chance they will get good fortune that they never expected.

It is interpreted that the person who sees the loss or dropping of coins in the dream will enter a fierce competition with some people in his work, school, and surroundings.

It is interpreted that giving a coin to someone in the dream will promise a matter.


Seeing banknotes in a dream shows that a person is experiencing minor problems and that these problems will end soon. In similar interpretations, we see that the person who sees the dream has trouble and this will soon end up.

Finding banknotes in a dream suggests that it will gain an unfair advantage in the future. Also, according to some commentators, your chances and fortunes will increase.

It is interpreted that the person who sees that banknote is lost in the dream will end up with some problems in business life and will be free from sin and bad affairs.

The person who sees monetize in the dream is interpreted as going to fall into sin.

Counting banknotes in the dream is interpreted as the acquisition of good money and the purchase of banknotes will take place with the support it receives from the very desired work environment.

Wasting banknotes in the dream will be a lot of money, and with this money, it points out to be saved from the crises and troubles. To see a lot of banknotes sometimes signifies the bankruptcy and sometimes enrichment.

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