Dream Meaning of Cancer

To dream of cancer is not a good sign of dreams. It symbolizes ill-wisher and trickery people. These hard-nosed people do every little thing for their self-interest and because of this behaviors they cannot take a place in society or bring into healthy relationships with other people. If you had a dream of cancer, it means that there may be someone who has these characteristic properties around you. Eventually, they will show their true colors and their masks will slip. Just in case you have to be careful and ready for them. Also, seeing cancer in the dream predicts that you may be faced with some difficulties and problems.

Dream meaning of having cancer

If you learned that you have cancer in your dream, it means that you have to take care of yourself and set the light immediately. To see cancer in dreams is like a warning for you. You have to do some plans and reschedule your life for going in the right direction.

Seeing a cancer patient

Dream interpretation of seeing a cancer patient is hearing some bad news and getting sick. The dreamer may contract a disease in a short time period.

Dream interpretation of lung cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer

If you saw a person who had lung cancer in your dream, it means that you may struggle with a serious disease for a while and you cannot spare time for anyone else but you during this time.

Leukemia symbolizes a lack of money. If you dreamed about leukemia it predicts that you may feel the pinch because of losing money in the near future. It is a warning for you to be frugal and prudent.

Seeing breast cancer implies that you have the free spirit. It may also represent that you do not want to attach yourself someone and look to somebody. You have to do something for becoming independent.

If your father had cancer in your dream, it predicts that you are not sparing enough time for your family. On the contrary, if your mother had cancer in your dream it is supposed as a good sign. It represents that a life period full of fun and happiness is waiting for you in the future.

Seeing a baby who has cancer in your dream means that you may be faced with a bad situation and you have to take a step back from the beginning.


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