Dream Meaning of Belt

Seeing a belt in your dream means bad luck for the person who had this dream. The person who had seen a belt in his dream will be damaged by someone around him. It means that you will take steps by believing in the lies and false claims and it will be harmful to this work. The person who had this dream will be misled by him and make mistakes and errors. And the life of this person will be ruined, the people will get tired, the comfort of the family and the surroundings will disappear. Seeing a belt in a dream is a way of seeing the life of successes on the one hand, and on the other hand it is interpreted as your dreams will come true and you will have luck, happiness and charity.

Seeing Yourself Buying a Belt In Your Dream

You will meet people that will cause you trouble. You will be the victim of your kind heart and you will be damaged. Because these people will beat you by their plots and schemes.

Fastening a Belt In Your Dream

It is a very bad portent and refers to very bad news and death of someone you love. You will face some of the biggest agonies in your life.

Wearing a Belt In Your Dream

It refers to the lady of the house. Wearing a belt in a dream means that the woman who owns the house is very fond of the house. Her house and chores are very important in her mind, and she also desires to beautify her house in order to beautify herself. This lady takes great care of her clothes, make-up and etc.

Buying a Belt In Your Dream

It refers to a good thing that comes from God. It is interpreted as a sign of health, wealth, happiness and good days to come.

Seeing a Golden Belt In Your Dream

It refers to the sexual life of the person who had this dream. It means the one who had this dream loves very much to be in bed with the someone who he or she loves.

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