Dream Meaning of Bench

Seeing a bench in your dream refers to believing and opening your heart to everyone without fully trusting them and testing them for their loyalty. If you continue to be very kind and naive like this, you are very much likely to be betrayed by someone. You may even be slandered by one of these people.  You will be disappointed and you will be the victim of your good will.

Seeing a Wooden Bench In Your Dream

Seeing a wooden bench in your dream is almost the same thing with seeing a bench in your dream and it refers to the extremely soft heart you have. Being this generous and optimistic about everything in life may cost you dearly. You are likely to be damaged by the people you trust.

Seeing  an Empty Bench In Your Dream

This dream refers that you feel so lonely since you can’t find people who share your ideas and world views. You feel the absence of not being able to find people like you.

Sitting On A Bench In Your Dream

This is not a good dream and there are some people with bad intentions who are scheming and plotting for your downfall. These people are ready to make you unhappy, and they have bad intentions. They are waiting for the right time to make their plans work.

Sleeping On A Bench In Your Dream

It is interpreted that the person who sees himself sleeping on a bench in a dream will be harmed by the around him and it is best for him to act cautiously.

Sitting On A Bench In A Park In Your Dream

It is accepted that this dream means that there will be more people around you and your environment will be packed with people. But these people are not all good and most of them will be harmful to you. Thus they will bring you discomfort and you will lose your trust in them.  

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