Dream Meaning of Belly

Seeing a belly in a dream points out to ways of making money and livelihood. It refers to the methods and routes that the dreamer makes his profits. It refers to whether if you are earning your bread by working on your business or by working in someone else’s workplace or spending the money you already have. This dream also shows that the dream owner will be very pleased with someone who runs his business with. Seeing a natural size belly means happiness and health. And a big belly means vice versa.

Seeing a Belly Button in Your Dream

This dream means that you will be successful in your business. But you shouldn’t be in conceit because of this success. If you forget where you have come from and act ungratefully, you may lose some of the good people around you.

Seeing Yourself Cutting the Umbilical Cord On A Baby’s Belly

This dream refers to the existence of insincere people around you.  The more moderate and optimistic these people are when they talk to you, the more traitors and hypocrites they are behind your back. These people are said to be malicious and evil-eyed.

Seeing An umbilical Cord In Your Dream

It points to a people who are greatly valued and loved by the person who had this dream. The idea of doing a joint job with this person may develop and both sides can start to take care of a job together.

Seeing Your Own Belly In Your Dream

This dream means that you will be luckier in life and your face will smile. You will encounter many changes that will bring you good profit from your work and your income will increase.

Seeing  a Big Belly In Your Dream

The dream shows that the owner’s life is getting better, the works are getting better and the better, and the person is getting a bigger income. And it is evaluated as abundance and fertility.

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