Dream Meaning of Beheading

Beheading in your dream indicates that this person who had seen a dream about his career.  He may start a new business or become successful and victorious against his competitors. He will be a part of big accomplishments and make important initiations. He will become one of the best at his job. This person will do his job thoroughly and spend many hours on his business. As he gets what he deserved, he will thrive.

Beheading With A Knife In A Dream

This dream refers to the presence of someone who prays day and night for your success. This is actually a good dream and this person tries to bring you happiness. By the prays and support with this person, the dream owner will manage to reach a great success.

Beheading With An Axe In A Dream

This dream is explained as the person who sees the dream will have more worldly assets and he will catch a wealth. The dream tells that one who had seen this dream will enter into a business that will bring profit to him and will make more profit than he can now.

Cutting A Snake’s Head Off In A Dream

This dream means that you will have more space in which you can act more freely. You will beat your rivals and become better of a person than who you are now. Your plans will work out and the obstacles in front of you will disappear.

Cutting A Cat’s Head Off In A Dream

This dream said to mean that the person who sees the dream will get a person out of his life who is ungrateful and disrespectful to him. This person has no regard for what you have done and sacrificed for him. It is explained that the wrongdoing that the dream owner will see is the last drop to carry him for him, and the dreamer will have to take this radical decision.

Beheading Someone In A Dream

Beheading someone is similar to seeing someone being beheaded. And on the contrary to its violent nature, this dream has also good meanings. It signifies that the person who sees the dream will be at the peak of his career, will earn more income, and that his property will increase.

2 thoughts on “Dream Meaning of Beheading”

  1. I saw a little girl that was a cleopatra, she turned into my daughter but cleopatra was gone. My daughter had a large sharp sword, she was in a back yard with her boyfriend. In my dream I only heard her talking But didn’t see or hear anything that was happening. I heard her saying she was ready to behead a man, I don’t know what man. I heard her practice and then she did it. I heard her laughing saying to her boyfriend “look how far it flew”

    I was traumatised in my dream looking for her but I couldn’t see her, I was panicking that she was going to be arrested and charged with murder, I then woke up.

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