Dream Meaning of Being Chased

Being chased in a dream is not good and is not interpreted to good things. It is said that it is bad luck and refers to hardships that are on the way in the near future. It is a portent of some unpleasant events that will cause the hopelessness to the person who had this dream. The means that the happy days to come to an end, there will be some the great frustrations of the person who had the dream, there will be distress and unhappiness. Some of these events will distort the spiritual condition of dream owner.

Seeing Yourself Being Chased In A Dream

There will be economic hardship and you will struggle to make the ends meet. Thus you will have discomfort, your good intentions won’t return to you. Bad incidents will take place and you will have ungrateful and disloyal people in your life.

Being Chased By Another Person In Your Dream

This dream reveals the person who sees the dream will enter into a phase where the ill luck and arduousness will follow him. Going through this event will disrupt his works and draw him back and corrupt his moral.

Being Chased By Your Lover In Your Dream

This dream has interpretations of the person’s love life. If the person who had the dream is married than there will be some arguments with his/her spouse.  If he/she is single, his/her love against a loved one will remain unanswered. If this person has a boyfriend or girlfriend, then there will be different opinions about a topic and this will lead to some quarrels.

Being Chased By A Man In Your Dream

If you had seen yourself being chased by a man, that means this person will give you hard times. It indicates that the dream owner will experience stressful and bad days because of this person, during this time the dreamer will wear out, be frustrated and suffer heartbreak.

Chasing Yourself In Your Dream

This dream means that you will have hard times because of something you have done to yourself. This wrongdoing will make you suffer for a while but this is not a very big deal.

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