Dream Meaning of Bed Bug

Seeing a bed bug in your dream is a sign of the shift in your trade and professional life. There is someone who is making obstacles on your path and disarming you and trying to beat you as one of his enemies. This dream refers to the presence of your enemies who are very bad, envious, evil-eyed, and they can do anything to get what they want. These people will try to get you down but whether if they can accomplish that is all up to your cautiousness. If you see bed bugs entering in your mouth or nose or ears, that means you will get something that you do not deserve. If you see yourself killing a bed bug and seeing its bad smell permeates the air, this means you will beat your rivals and enemies and this will be known by people. There are three different interpretations of seeing many bed bugs on you. Enemies, harm and hardship.

Killing Bed Bugs In Your Dream

Killing a bed bug in your dreams refers to getting rid of an evil, bad, harmful, bad mouthed and jealous person who is in search of little things but will only inflict little harm.

Seeing a Flea In Your Dream

To see fleas in a dream is interpreted that there are some people who are looking for bad things. They will use these bad things to make you miserable and frustrated and unhappy. The dream indicates that the owner’s surroundings will be filled with miserable people, and he will be in great trouble because of them.

Seeing a Flea Bite In Your Dream

Seeing flea bite in a dream is expressed that the person who sees the dream will experience events that will make him distressed and will he lose confidence and goodwill against the people. But people who caused these won’t be around for a long time.

Killing a Flea In Your Dream

Killing fleas in a dream means being successful in business, becoming overwhelmingly superior against rivals, and breaking enemies’ plans. It is said that the dream owner will go ahead with what he has aimed for in trade, he will collect a great income and be very pleased with this situation.

Combing Out Fleas In Your Dream

If a person sees that he has combed out his fleas in his dream, he will be deemed to have a great fortune and prosperity. This dream means that the dream owner will benefit from mundane things, his work will grow every day, that his capital will multiply and that he will have the opportunity to become a better and stronger businessman.

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