Dream Meaning of Beaver

Seeing beaver in your dream indicates that there will always be love, happiness and peace among family, friends and relatives in the family and social life. In your social life, there is an adorable relationship with someone familiar and for many years people will look for a relationship like this.

Seeing  a Fitchet In Your Dream

Seeing fitchet in a dream points to the person who has gotten a great service with the things he has done, who always wishes good wishes to people and sometimes puts a between himself and people. It also points out that the dreamer is very uncomfortable with people because of some incidents, behaviours and by people around him.

Seeing a Raccoon In Your Dream

Seeing a raccoon in a dream indicates that the person who sees the dream will stay in the middle of things and events that he/she does not want and he/she is very nervous about being in that kind of situation.  It is interpreted as getting cheated by people around you. At the same time, this dream reveals that the person who had his dream is pleased with the situation he is in and does not encounter any problems. And he will live in such a peaceful manner for many years.

Seeing a Hedgehog In Your Dream

To see a hedgehog in a dream points out that the dream owner is a person who is working and trying hard. But there is an enemy who is playing tricks and plotting against the work you have done. Earning a large sum of money by using people, and he does not have any compassion or mercy. At the same time, it signifies that the dream owner will make crucial decisions for very important jobs and that these decisions will achieve a success that will help him to gain recognition in the future and become well known among people.

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