Dream Meaning of Baldness

Seeing bald or baldness in your dream refers to receiving disturbing, mood decreasing and saddening news, or means hearing rumours. Seeing someone bald in your dream harm and damage to everyone, being in troubles, getting fired and losing your livelihood. This dream is interpreted as losing some of your property and money, facing hardships and getting sick thus having days of some troubles.

Becoming Bald In Your Dream

The person who sees that he is getting bald in his dream may fall in difficulty and trouble, his chance and luck will be locked, his income sources will be exhausted and will spend days without money. Becoming bald in your dream is portended as a great ill luck. It signifies that the days when the dreamer will fall into collapse both materially and spiritually will come and experience a distressing period.

Seeing A Bald Man In Your Dream

Seeing a bald man in your dream is not much different. Seeing a bald man in your dream and becoming bald in your dream is almost the same. It means difficulty, hardship, suffering and trouble. It means the dream owner will go through a time of hardship and will confront great tests.

Seeing A Bald Woman In Your Dream

This dream refers to a woman who is very dominant and strong. This woman provides for the house and she has a good deal of control over her husband. Seeing a bald woman in a dream is interpreted to a woman who always has the last word.

Losing Your Hair in Your Dream

The possibilities of the one who sees her hair fall and her head appears will lose her opportunities, there will be no luxurious conditions that one is used to live, and this will lead to a great annoyance. If this person sees that her hairline is receding, then this means that she may lose her prestige and credibility in the people’s eyes.

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  1. i had a dream bald hair. in my dream, i saw a man had bald hair. what is the meaning of that dream?

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