Dream Meaning of Ball

This dream means disturbance, discomfort, hardship and problems but it can also be interpreted as a sign of grace that people will show him. The person who sees the ball in his dream will have bright and happy days. This person has great value in the people’s eyes since he/she is very kind to them. Seeing a ball in a dream is defined as a benefit for some people and loss for some other people.

And sometimes it is interpreted as empty words and lose of comfort A person who sees a ball in his dream may chance his house or environment due to the discomfort he/she is now having.

Seeing Yourself Playing With A Ball In Your Dream

This dream refers to disputes that stem from the collision of ideas. The person who sees himself playing with a ball in his dream will be divided and uneasy by the cause of the disagreement between his or her family, workplace, or vicinity.

Bouncing a Ball In Your Dream

This dream is a sign of fortune and wealth that you earn with hardship and hard work. Bouncing a ball in your dream is interpreted as the days of “no bread without sweat”.

Seeing A Ballgame Field In Your Dream

If you see a field such as a football game field in your dream, the meaning of this is tranquillity and serenity of your soul. You will solve your problems in your life and you will also be relieved of the burdens of your troubles.

Seeing People Playing Ball Games In Your Dream

It means that the dream owner has to sit at the table to make a partnership with the new ones, brainstorming, criticizing that job and shaking hands. This partnership will be auspicious for the one who had seen the dream.

Playing Football/Soccer In Your Dream

The meaning of this dream is becoming best at your job and your business is going great. The person who sees himself playing soccer in a dream will always be successful thanks to his clean and disciplined work.

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