Dream Meaning of Awakening

Waking up in your dream means becoming aware of facts in your real life and taking the control over your life. This dream especially refers to the existence of people does bad things behind your back and hide the bad intentions but you will soon recognize this person and know who he/she is, after an event and withdraw yourself slowly and you will completely end the relationship with these people. This dream also means proving a past slander was a lie and erasing the stain of this slender. If someone in prison has this dream, means his/her freedom is approaching. It also signs that you will be acting more cautious, avoiding any form of harm that can be inflicted upon you, and that you will be confronted with the truth and become spiritually satisfied.

Waking Up And Sleeping Again In Your Dream

This dream is a sign of a period of transmission which you will go through and, it tells us that no matter what you do, you cannot get rid of your laziness and numbness and that you are having a hard time to lead your own life. Even if the facts are noticed, it indicates that the dream owner who is in the process of not being able to escape the peace will be a troublemaker and can not share his feelings.

Waking Up Terrified In Your Dream

It is interpreted reversely and with the good news that indicates that the whole mood of the person will change positively. But in a different interpretation, it is said to be a sign that a bad event that causes a shock to the dreamer will leave a mark for a long time and leave this person in fear. It is a dangerous journey and a disease that seriously threatens your health. This dream is a sign of separations, and long lasted yearnings and approach of the dark nights.

Psychological Interpretation Of Awakening To Your Dream

It is a sign of a spiritual development after a struggle within the inner self of the one who had this dream. Often it points out that weaknesses are tried to be solved and that one is trying to be stronger, able to survive under any circumstance, to take many different struggles to renew itself.

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