Dream Meaning of Playing Backgammon

Seeing backgammon in a dream does not have something to do with gambling. This dream has good meanings such as; taking control over your inner self, you will rightfully deserve the money you earn, you will never cheat on your wife or partner. You will be one of the goods beloved and you will be amongst the people who are benevolent and wise. You will succeed in your business and people will mention your name in a good way.

Playing Backgammon In Your Dream

There are two interpretations. If you play the game and lose, this means misfortune, sadness, helplessness and hopelessness.  If you win the game, then this means your business will go well and things that will make you happy will happen more frequently.

Seeing Backgammon Dices In Your Dream

Backgammon dices mean fortune and luck in your personal life. You will love someone who has good intentions. And you will build up a happy life together with this kind-hearted person.

Seeing Backgammon Checker In Your Dream

Backgammon checkers in your dream usually refers to having more money; your job will be better or you are going to be promoted. You will live a life without monetary hardship.

Buying Backgammon In Your Dream

If you have seen this dream, the common interpretation is that you will listen to your heart. You will not be controlled or directed by anything else but your heart and your own mind.

Seeing Backgammon Stones in Your Dream

This dream has a bad portent, it means you will be less of a person in people’s eyes; your reputation will be stained and your name will be mentioned badly. You will have fewer properties and your income will be reduced and you will be soiled by your sinful deeds.


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