Dream Meaning of Badger

Seeing the badger in a dream means that the person who sees the dream cannot think of anything other than paying his rent and bills for a long time. And setting his priority as meeting his livelihood and basic needs. It is reported that despite the fondness of the dream owner to entertainment, shopping and travelling, the lack of finance and monthly income has deprived him/her of this entertaining activities.

Seeing A Badger Animal in Your Dream

Seeing a badger animal in your dream is very similar to seeing a badger in your dream. That means you will suffer from economic hardship. You can not spend the way you want and you can not do the things you like. Your life is not going the way you want it to. And in your house, you are in a process of austerity.

Killing A Badger In Your Dream

It signifies to the good things and means that with the acceptance of the prayers of the person who sees the dream and the good wishes, with the door that Allah will open to him or an opportunity he will give him, he will get rid of his monetary problems. He will get straight and his pocket will get abundant and welfare level will increase. It indicates that the dream owner will find a successful, bright and fertile period and thus take sure steps towards the future.

Seeing A Weasel In Your Dream

The sign of this dream for the person who has seen it is that he will have disgraceful, grumpy and contrary to people in his life. They will have bad moods and that he may be left alone. The dream reveals that the owner of the dream will be deliberately pulled downwards to the point where his paths will be cut off, which would be a great misfortune for him.

Seeing A Marten in Your Dream

This dream is interpreted to the sign of someone who will be disturbed by the developments of person who sees the dream. This someone will try to cut your path and make you lose both time and money. So it means that the dream owner will no longer trust people unconditionally because of who they are and what they have done.

Seeing A Rodent In Your Dream

This dream is said to be a sign of people whose presence is nothing but damage and harm.

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