Dream Meaning of a List

If you are an employer, the dream meaning of a list suggests that you will have many opportunities to earn your manager’s respect at your workplace. It may be a sign of being successful in your business life. You will succeed in your workplace and be appreciated by your colleagues.

If you are single, than dreaming about a list represents that you are always paying attention to details and maybe you are alone because of this attitude. The dream may be a warning about not to scrutinize.  

Alternatively, to see that you are making a list in your dream means that you have a problem and you are worried about it.

To make a list in dream

The dream interpretation of making a list indicates that you will work hard in the coming days but you will be able to create time for yourself and all things to do. Besides, to dream that you are making a list may be interpreted as being careful while making friends. These new friends will help you to leave some of your old friends who have been gossiping about you behind. Alternatively, to dream with making a list illustrates that you will choose a new path for yourself and you will be satisfied.

Dream meaning of making a candidate list

To dream about making a candidate list denotes that you are preparing for a job interview or a business trip which is about receiving training. You will go abroad for this business trip and this will be an important duty. Apart from this, to see that you are making a candidate list in your dream may symbolize an election at your workplace. Maybe you will be the business manager or superior after the election.  

Psychological interpretation of dreaming of list

The psychological interpretation of dreaming list usually refers to your character. You have an excessive dependence to other people like your family and friends. Some of your habits are turning to your taboos and you are aware of it. Your obsessive behaviour are being regarded as strange by others who are in your social circle. The dream usually suggests the dreamer has exaggerated responses to situations.

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