Dream Meaning of Puerpera

To dream a woman who newly gave birth suggests that you exaggerate everything and this makes you uncomfortable in your private and business life. The dream indicates you will provoke a quarrel for a simple reason and you will be criticized at your workplace and if you don’t change your attitude, you will lose your job.

If the dreamer is a man, then the dream meaning of a puerpera suggests that he will marry with a woman who makes life harder for him and has a dominant character. If the dreamer is a woman, it illustrates that she will marry with an angry person who is always under attack.

To dream of being puerpera

To see that you have just given a birth and you are puerpera in your dream symbolizes bad luck for a man. It may be a sign of financial lose and hard times. If the dreamer is a married woman, then the dream interpretation of being puerpera signifies your desire to have a baby will increase day by day.
Moreover, if a single woman sees to be puerpera in her dream, it represents that she will be pregnant while she is single or she will have a relationship with a married man. The dream meaning usually refers to negativities and bad symbols. It may symbolize unemployment, shortage of money and bad days for men.

The dream meaning of woman who has just given a birth

If a man sees an unknown woman as puerpera in his dream denotes that he will learn that his sister or one of relatives is pregnant and he will feel very happy because of that. If the dreamer is a married woman, the dream illustrates that she will have a miscarriage and lose her baby. Alternatively, the dream may be a sign of making efforts to have a baby but being unsuccessful and getting negative results.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming of puerpera

Dreaming with puerpera usually refers to strong desire for having a baby. It also suggests that you are a kind of person who behaves capriciously to affect other people. It symbolizes exaggerating situations to attract attention in a social environment.

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