Dream Meaning Of Lilac

Dream Meaning Of Lilac

To see the lilac color in the dream symbolizes your spiritual emotions. It may suggest you will replace your materialist mentality with emotional view. Dreaming with lilac may suggest that you will prefer loneliness, silence and desire to move away your crowded social environment.

To dream of lilac may signify that you will cope with your problems which will become a current issue again. Besides, lilac color in dream means you will follow your tracks easily to achieve your goals.

Dreaming with lilac color may be interpreted as having authority and good news in the future. You will have good news about some long-standing issues which have keep you in suspense for a time.

Alternatively, to dream of lilac color may be a sign of spiritual things. The dream may suggest you will be a religious person and want to learn about religious subjects.

Dreaming of wearing lilac-colored shirt

Dreaming that you are wearing a lilac-colored shirt implies many opportunities in your business life. The dream illustrates that you will be a respected, trustable and lovable manager. Althought you arenot able to achieve your goals in a very short time, this will happen eventually and before long. You will be a required employee and will work with a high salary and provide a comfortable life for yourself and your family.

To dream of wearing lilac-colored dress

To dream that you are wearing a lilac colored dress represents happiness in private life if the dreamer is woman. The dream suggests that the woman will be respected and appreciated by her husband.

Alternatively, dreaming of wearing lilac dress suggests that you will meet and marry with someone who is very kind and goodhearted. The dream is a sign of an impressive love affair, passion and an unforgetable relationship.

Psychological interpretation of lilac in a dream

Lilac symbolizes the intensity of violence in psychology. Dreaming of lilac may be a sign of revealing violence or some fears that comes from the past. You may be still under the influence of these fears and anxieties.


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