Dream Meaning of Salt

Dream Meaning of Salt

To see salt in your dream indicates that you are in a good mood and you will start to take pleasure from your jobs too much. Alternatively, this dream tells that a person who enters into your life will direct you into different topics and s/he will revive your lost excitement again. 

To see a white, clean and dry salt in your dream may represent that the level of happiness in your business and love life will enhance by increasing day by day. 

To see wet and dirty salt in your dream indicates that you are too much busy with insignificant issues in your daily life and by giving up your temper, you will be happy.

To dream that salt is thin and liquid implies that you will make a little effort to reach the happiness. If you see rock salt in your dream, you should pay a price for finding the happiness.

To lick salt, eat salt with your hand or spoon in your dream may suggest that you will give a wrong judgment about a person because of a misunderstanding issue and in a short time, you will notice your fault.

To see salt water in your dream suggests that you will want help from your relative. If you drink salt water in your dream, you will be successful thanks to the person whom you want help.

To see salt in the package in your dream means that you will do short term jobs. If you see salt with sack in your dream, you will take pleasure from doing jobs and provide that other people take pleasure also. You will come to good status.

To see that salt is poured or you walk on a salty road in your dream may imply that thanks to a person whom you will meet, you will do good jobs in different environments and spend good times. 

To see salt cellar in your dream may represent that because of the family or environment pressure, you will postpone somethings or perpetuate them secretly.

It sometimes refers to a beautiful, attractive woman or sometimes interpreted as  an enemy who is known or seem to be a good person outside. Also salt can be referred to evil eye or jealous people with a bad intention.

To eat salt / Lick salt which is not white: To eat or lick salt in your dreams implies that you will get lucky, you will end up in plentifulness, wellness and catch opportunities that will bring you happiness. This dream also interpreted as getting out of a troublesome situation or a bad straits.

To dream of a white, clean and dry, indicates your professional life and personal life will enhance and your satisfaction level of your life will be increasing.

To dream of wet and dirty salt means that you are paying too much attention for unimportant things or people in your life and you should better let go.

To see that salt is poured on your walking path in your dream, this may implies that because of a person that you know or you are going to meet, you will be successful in new business areas or you will try new things that will open new doors in your life


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