Dream Meaning of Lahmajoun

Dream Meaning of Lahmajoun

The dream meaning of lahmajoun or Turkish pizza may be a sign of fortune. The dreamer will get a big chance in her / his both private life and business life.  Also to see lahmajoun in your dream suggests that you will earn a big amount of money or your wealth will increase in the future and so that you will be successful.  If the dreamer has a bad luck, then to dream lahmajoun illustrates that his /her bad luck will turn to good luck in a short while.

Besides, the dream sometimes interpreted as bad eating habits. Also, the dream meaning of lahmajoun may be being conservative and being decisive to conform to the traditions.

Dream meaning of eating lahmajoun

To see that you are eating lahmajoun in your dream indicates that the people who get angry each other will make peace, the people who separate will come together and the people who are abroad will return to home country. The dream meaning of eating lahmajoun is usually a sign of happiness and peace.

Alternatively, eating lahmajoun in your dream may be a sign of a person who likes life and is full of life. This person is very cheerful and energitic. The dreamer is always hopefull although he / she has many troubles.  

Dreaming with cooking lahmajoun

To dream that you are cooking lahmajoun symbolizes winning the tender. The dream suggests that you may be a partner in a partnership, you may invest in share in a company or you may receive an order if you are a trader.  The dream usually denotes salary increasing or welfare.

Alternatively, to see that you are cooking lahmajoun in your dream is interpreted as having a good development about a hard situation. The dream symbolizes that this hard situation will get better day by day.

The dream meaning of serving lahmajoun is usually a sign of bad symbol. The dreamer may confront a problem or the dreamer’s family may suffer from something.          

To see dough of lahmajoun in dream

To see dough of lahmajoun in your dream denotes that your life will be easier and more comfortable. For instance the dreamer may pay back the last installment of the loan which he / she owes. Or the dream interpretation of dough of lahmajoun may indicate recovering from illness which nobody believes to be cured.


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